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Applications are coming in, what's next?

Don’t waste hours scheduling the same interview over and over again... Invite candidates to complete an automated video interview. Reserve your time only for the best candidates.

Allow candidates to express themselves..
beyond templated cover letters!

A picture paints a thousand words and a video paints thousands of pictures... it's just math 🤷


Easy setup, fast results 🤩

It literally takes seconds to create one-way video interview. 🤯 Once the interivew is set up you can focus on your other tasks, while the candidates can complete their video assessments in the comfort of their homes.

We wouldn't have a business without our happy clients 🥰

It certainly makes it much easier to filter through the applications. I review everyone myself, then I show the interviews to the managers and other team members, so in the end we make a group decision, but without any of us sitting in on the call.
Maria, HR Manager

It (video screening) makes a huge difference, we used to schedule and reschedule phone interviews all week round and now I just pick an hour and review candidates in one go.

Pricing Plans

7 day free trial. No credit card required.

Starting Up

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$ 49

Per Month | Billed every month

Free Trial

2 openings at a time

Up to 25 candidates a month


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$ 299

Per Month | Billed every month

Free Trial

20 openings at a time

Up to 1200 candidates a month


We love questions, here are a few of our favourites:

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Can candidates complete interviews on their mobile phones?📱

Sure they can and they often do. Not just phones, anything that has a web camera and can run an internet browser e.g. phones, tablets, laptops and sometimes even TVs.

How long are the video responses kept for?

They all will be there as long as you don't archive your job opening. Once you archive an opening you can still access the video applications for another 6 months in the Candidates Pool section of your account.

Can candidates upload their resumes?

Yes, resume is still important and so we let you set an option to ask your candidates to provide one, which is then made available to you along with the video answers.

Can I also ask candidates multiple choices questions?

Yes, on top of the video interviewing part you can add a questionnaire to your screening, with multiple choice questions, text questions and even file upload options.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Sure, it's your subscription and you can cancel it anytime in your account. Once the subscription is cancelled, you will not be charged any more. You will continue to have access to your account until your current subscription expires.

I'm a candidate and I can't record my video answers 🙁

This could happend if your browser doesn't have the Adobe Flash installed. We recommend using Google Chrome (here), which has already everything included.

Don't know what to ask in an interview?

With the help of our awesome clients 😍, we curated a directory of effective interview questions for a range of positions.